Comenius Project Meeting in Italy, Sicily

                                                     2014 April 7th-12th



Monday 7th April


Meeting at school.Welcome by the school staff and by local authorities.Concert by flutes. Visit of the school.






Multimedia presentations about Easter traditions. Discussion of the 2nd year activities.





An art workshop.




Lunch : traditional Sicilian food. Prepared by parents.






Tour of Marineo (the main churches, the castle of Marineo, the archeological museum, the exhibition of Italian vintage clothing, the animated nativity crib of the Crocifisso church).

Medieval music concert at Marineo Castle



Tuesday 8th April


Visiting Palermo and Monreale





Wednesday 9th April


A trip to Etna.






Thursday 10th April




Marzipan gastronomic laboratory: preparation of the Marzipan Easter sheeps.





Sicilian medieval parade at the kindergarten school of Gorgaccio.





Visit of the Natural reserve of Ficuzza and of the Royal Residence of the king Ferdinand 3th and its multimedia museum.





Friday 11th April



Mondello tour





Folk dances and songs .Presentation accompanied by traditional musical instruments.


Delivery of Certificates of Attendance.






Saturday 12th April





Family day for pupils.