• To raise European awareness.Each country will learn more about eachother's traditions,traditional costumes and local gastronomy by the activities.By this way,pupils will be able to learn the origin of traditional clothes and what their special parts are.


  • To develop the competences of staff. Visiting teachers will observe lessons,tour schools and visit surronding areas to gain an understanding of context.Moreover,teachers will have an opportunity to deliver a lesson to a group of students in the host country.


  • To enhance ICT capability. Each country will establish the use of simple and affordable technology to communicate via the internet between and during the visits.


  • To gain the knowledge of cultural assets by the activities which will be done,each country will learn the cultural,historical and national places of eachother and have chance to learn by having fun.


  •   To involve parents and the local community in the activities.A booklet about our project will be prepared to promote community involvement in the partner countries.


  • To improve pupils' managing skills by organizing the activities and taking part in them,students will be able to get self-confidence and be open to the world.Also they will be able to use English in everyday context by taking parts in drama activities in front of families.