Comenius Project Meeting in Hungary

                                                      2013 October 21st- 26nd



Monday 21st October


The participants from different countries arrived in the afternoon. The teachers checked in the hotel, and the students went to their host families.




Tuesday 22nd October


8.15-9.00 Guests took part in the school commemoration of our national holiday, 23rd October, then they visited some classes where they were given a warm welcome and treat.

9.00-12.30 The participants of the project introduced themselves to each other and gave presentations about their countries, towns , schools and education systems.

14.00-17.00 After lunch a sightseeing tour of Szolnok was taken place in small groups led by the Hungarian students. In the evening we had a great time in the Bowling Centre.




Wednesday 23rd October


9.00-11.00 We travelled to Bugacpuszta by coach to learn about the Hungarians as a horse riding nation. We were welcomed by freshly baked scones served by waiters dressed in traditional costumes. The programme included:

11.00-13.30 carriage ride to the Puszta, visit to the Pastoral Museum, horse show

13.30 lunch at Karikás Csarda

15.00-16.30 In the afternoon we went sightseeing in Kecskemét.

19.00 The teachers discussed the common tasks for the next 2 years.





Thursday 24th October


8.15-9.00 The participanting teachers observed a lesson in the 3.class.

9.00-12.00 We went to the Damjanich Museum / home to folk exhibitions/, where the students could make dolls in traditional clothes in a handicraft session and they sang their folk songs.

14.00-18.00 After lunch we returned back to the school to have a memorable afternoon together. We organised a fashion show for our guests, we had a folk dance and song presentation accompanied by traditional musical instruments in which they could take part, too. The closing programme was a handicraft session where the students could make some nice presents.



Friday 25th October


7.30-13.30 We travelled to Budapest, our capital city where we visited some famous sights and had some free time.

14.30-17.00 In Szentendre we went to the Skanzen / Open Air Museum/ to see folk architecture, farming and the way of life in Hungary in the past.

19.00 After arriving at the school, everybody taking part in the project was invited to a farewell party. For the students it was a Helloween party, where they wore costumes, danced and had a fantastic time together .




Saturday 26th October


It was a family day for the children that they spent together with their host families until they left for the airport.